The Senior Citizens Home
Inaugurated in 1967, we have a happy family of 30 ladies, all over 60 years of age, spending their twilight years in the warmth, comfort and peace of the Home. They are from disadvantaged homes or rejected by their families and children or left destitute due to the death of husband or too poor and weak to look after themselves and find their way to our door through the Department of Social Services. The majority of our elders have been resident in the Home for a long period. Most are physically weak and require special attention/care.

The Home is a 'warm' place to stay, providing nutritious meals, clothing and comfortable accommodation. They are also provided special recreational facilities including indoor games, reading material - news paper, books, radio, TV and for sewing.

They are encouraged to spend their leisure time in the garden, growing vegetables and flowers.

Regular monthly medical check ups are carried out and necessary drugs and vitamins are given. In addition we arrange for cataract surgery, supplying spectacles and hearing aids when necessary.

Pilgrimages to renowned places of religious significance are arranged annually. Facilities are also provided for them to participate in daily religious observances.

The annual 'Elders Day' is usually commemorated with a special alms giving in the Senior Citizens Home and in addition they participate in programmes organised by the Social Services Department for all Homes.

Lankadhara undertakes necessary arrangements when they pass away and attends to all funeral obsequies - We ARE family after all.

We also allocate 8 paying rooms to deserving elders at a nominal rate.