Infants Home
There is nothing so heartbreaking as to behold the face of a little child, not yet 5 years old, who has no parents - abandoned at birth or in their infancy and no family or home. We opened our doors to 25 of these children in 1971 and are truly blessed to smother them with all the love and care we can muster. The children are placed in our care by the Department of Probation and Child Care or by the Courts.

These infants join the Pre-School established for them with services of a qualified teacher, when they are 3 years old. The boys are transferred to other Homes by the Department when they reach the age of 5 years while the girls continue in our Balika Home.

Generous donors assist us in providing milk powder, medical care, medicines, vitamins, nutritious meals, clothes, toys etc. and also gifted a solar water heating system, tiled floors and well-equipped play ground and kitchen.