We're a 'Going' Concern

For an organisation such as ours, keeping its humanitarian services going is a tough task. In the present busy world, most people tend to channel their resources, both financial and physical, in directions that don't include services like ours. We understand this. Still we keep going. Here's our current 'resource pool'...

The Government grant made available to us is Rs. 600/- (approximately: US $ 4.60) per month per person.

This is supplemented by donations from:
  • Generous individuals who have visited us and seen the needs of the residents.
  • Companies and social service oriented groups/individuals belonging to various clubs.
  • Non-Governmental organisations.
We are extremely grateful for all donations and sponsors. We would not be where we are today without their kindness and generosity. Please turn to the next page to find out how you can help!

What We Need...


Your time and commitment.


Any contribution you make - big or small in cash or kind will be useful. You can send it direct to us at the address below or make a deposit in our bank account No. 982722 at the Bank of Ceylon, Wellawatte Branch, Galle Road, Colombo 6. (Swit Code BCEYLKLX)

(The Lankadhara Society is a Government approved charity - No. LLB 13096).

Medical Help

We have an ongoing need for medicines and nutritional supplements, spectacles and hearing aids among many other items. We'll explain more about them if you call!


You can bring us 'ready' cooked and 'packed' meals or bear the cost of having them prepared in our kitchen. You could commemorate a birthday or an anniversary for yourselves or in memory of a loved one by donating meals.

Miscellaneous Donations

Toiletries, clothes, toys, stationery, school requirements, shoes are regular requirements. We are happy to receive any items in good condition.

Sponsorship Programme

You can support a child or an elder (or several) by meeting the annual cost associated with their needs.

The Most Pressing Need….

Our urgent concern at the present is to carry out repair s / refurbish the 92 year building  (where repairs have been done so far on an ad hoc basis depending on availability of funds ) housing 65 girls from 5 to 18 years and the administration block in order to ensure the safety of the children. A preliminary estimate of the expenditure is approx: US $ 120,000.

The first phase is estimated at US $ 25,000 viz repairs to 24 toilets on ground and first floors of both east and west wings of the building  -water proofing  walls,  anti corrosive treatment of iron girders, plastering of walls etc., We are hopeful of a donor helping us to carry out the repairs in this phase.

We now appeal to kind donors to assist us to carry out repairs to the roof, gutters, doors and windows which is estimated to cost US $ 22,000 and the front façade estimated at US $ 10,000. (Detailed estimates could be made available on request) by contributing to our “Building Fund”.