The Balika Home
This is a haven for disadvantaged girls between the ages of 5 and 18 years. These girls have faced all manner of challenge…some are orphaned, abandoned…or victimised…some of these girls are from unsuitable home environments where the parents or guardians are either addicted to alcohol or drugs or are engaged in criminal activities or are unable to provide for their children due to extreme poverty. In all cases these girls are extremely traumatised and need special care and attention.

Children are referred to us by the Department of Probation and Child Care and the Juvenile Courts. Currently the home cares for 75 girls.

At the Home, in tandem with nurturing and nourishment, we see to it that the girls attend school up to the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level, enrolling them at a Government run school in the vicinity of the Home - St. Clare's Girls School.

Within the Home these girls experience security and stability, perhaps for the first time in their lives. They enjoy nutritious meals and are provided with clothes and medical attention too. Their school curriculum is supplemented with extra help in subjects such as Spoken English, Computing and Vocational Skills such as Sewing, Cookery, Hand Work and Horticulture as well as in aesthetic pursuits such as Art, Music, Dancing and Singing.

A key aspect of the Lankadhara 'holistic' regime is Psychological Counselling which is not only invaluable in rebuilding their shattered lives but also helps equip the girls with character building attributes.

With the aim of enriching their lives, programmes for day/night excursions to places of interest are arranged and we try to facilitate at least three excursions per year. They are also given the opportunity of visiting the theatre, cinema etc.

In 2000, we began a Sponsorship Programme, where monies received were utilised to open savings accounts for the girls, as well as to meet their special needs - extra medical attention, vitamin supplements and clothing etc. The funds from their savings accounts give them some financial stability and come in handy when girls leaving our Home at 18 years look for gainful income-generating activities - specially in self-employment or formal jobs.

Our caring does not end there - we assist girls to access training in skills of their choice and also to obtain employment. We follow their progress and on occasion provide financial support to new job entrants to tide over their probationary periods when in employment.

Our focus is to rehabilitate broken lives and build self-esteem within these girls, helping them to grow into accomplished and self-confident young women, fully-equipped to face the world.